CC&A Rebrand

Done as



Cecelia Cook & Associates Insurance


Brand Strategy, Illustration, Identity Design, Typography, Photography

Cecelia Cook, the owner of the insurance agency, wanted a professional, but friendly & down to earth rebrand that would bring her brand into the 21st century, while also still speaking to her small town customers. She wants her customers to feel like family & trust that their insurance company is there for them. The brand is very approachable, but also maintains its authority & reliability.


Being a small business of three, not much collateral was needed besides business cards, a letterhead & envelopes. At the request of having chevron in the brand, I created a pattern that evoked the familiarity of chevron, without being chevron.

Custom Typography

I created a typeface consistent with the logotype to be used in future collateral. It’s based on the proportions of Mrs Eaves XL Serif OT. The letters have a higher contrast & large, geometric feet compared to Mrs Eaves XL. Other differences include the apex of the ‘A’, the legs of the ‘K’ and ‘R’, the ampersand, the arm of the ‘E’ and ‘F’, & the feet of the ‘C’ and ’S’.

c h a r c o a l

P o s t e r

A drawing was requested that could be hung in the office. The vines were added to imply the company was growing with the community & in family legacy. In the drawing, I included the office, the original & current owner (Irvin Hurt & Cecelia Cook), the types of insurance sold at the agency & contact information. The original drawing was done by hand with charcoal. It was then scanned & the colors were manipulated with Photoshop.