Type Galore

Custom type, handmade lettering, wordmark logos, & more. I love creating, distorting & enhancing type.

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The Fuck Series

A series I started to help me vent my frustration, before I became too busy to be frustrated. Custom typography, of course — don’t expect anything less.


M u r A

Rock Hill Mural

I was given the opportunity to create one of the murals in Rock Hill’s Downtown area. The only guidelines were to make an inclusive, positive work of art about community & growth. It also had to be finished within a few hours, so I created a simple design of the word ‘together’ with interlocking hands. Everything was eyeballed & turned out much better than anticiapted for my first freehanded mural.

Winthrop university design exhibit title art

A few months after graduating, I was called up to create a mural-esque title art piece for an upcoming design exhibit entitled, “What Good Shall I Do This Day?” The exhibit was meant to positively engage the audience to do something good at the start of the New Year with interactive installations made by design students. I had to follow the same guidelines as the students & use the specified color palette, string & imply a message of connection & unity during a divisive time.


An unused cover design
This decontructed type was made for holiday swag. Ultimately, it won a Silver ADDY.

l e t t e r

d o o d l e s

s o c i a l